At ALETTA LURES® we know the importance of having the best delivery times for all your products, but it is important to you to comprehend how our system works. All our products are unique, personalized and made 100% by hand (Custom Made) one by one, and they all undergo a process of production and quality.

The production times will be from 7 to 15 business days, depending on the availability of materials and size of the order. ALETTA® reserves the right to inform the customer about any change in production times, through the customer service area.
The colors and tonalities shown through the network may vary slightly with the real ones. The availability of skirts and other accessories may determine the existence of some pieces, as shown at the time of placing your order. In cases like these, ALETTA® reserves the right to offer its customers similar combinations of colors to those shown, before the execution of any charge and until its full approval.