ALETTA LURES® Superior quality handcrafted lures, made with the finest UV resistant materials, 8OD Shore Hardness water clear resins, and dressed with the best vinyl skirts existing in the market. Each of our lures is  prototiped, balanced, color matched and tested for perfect swimming performance in the toughest sea conditions.

ALETTA LURES® offers a wide range of combinations and shapes, ideal for any situation, trend, or fishing area in the world. We have developed particular anatomies and variants to our lures with a deep-root and inspiration from the fishing tradition of the Hawaiian Islands.


The manufacturing techniques and processes adopted by ALETTA LURES® have been modernized in recent years. The implementation of the best systems for forming, molding and curing our pieces have allowed us to conciliate every detail and ensure a perfect performance before the products reach water. 


“[…] deep focus on the detail, they offer top high quality products [...] they carry their own stamp, with unique and exclusive pieces, with a special pattern and great affinity to the creatures that live in our seas. They are really attractive and effective”.

Cptn. J.F.W - Cabo San Lucas, BC.               



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